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DEVO/Foo Fighters Director Requests Song by Animated Alternative Band




[New York, NY] – Fictional cartoon girl band Those American Girls received the surprise of their animated lives when a key inspiration tweeted them, requesting they perform one of his co-compositions on their upcoming album. It was none other than Gerald Casale, founding member/video director of legendary new wave band Devo and director of the first Foo Fighters video!


The song in question is, “I'd Cry If U Dyed,” off of Devo's 1988 album Total Devo, this time performed by cartoon rock star “Debbie American” as portrayed by actress and singer Colleen Grate. Debbie, a fictional character, released a statement on her blog calling the request, “the greaterest honor of my entire musicalistic career,” adding that she felt, "hashtag Nervous” about the assignment. Decide for yourself if she came through or not: the song is now available in stores such as iTunes and Amazon as an advance single off the project's forthcoming album, “Theirs Eleventy-Seven Riots Going On!”!


Those American Girls are a fictional rock band of cartoon females created by New York based animator/music producer Peter Bernard and performed by a cast hired and directed by him. They have 60,000 twitter followers, millions of loops on Vine, and are known for allowing the cartoon characters themselves to do their own social media (a move which got them kicked off of Facebook and inspired one of their more notorious releases, “The Failbook EP.”). Mixing comedy and cartoons with serious pop and dance tracks, Those American Girls harken back to pre-fab bands of an earlier era such as The Monkees, while mixing in modern and cutting edge sensibilities. Devo's original concept of being a media-first band is often cited as a major inspiration for the founding of the project. Their new single has been called “Great! Great! Great!” by rock journalist and noted punk rocker George Tabb.


The animated band members may be reached for quotes/text interviews via (but be aware that account is written in character) and the actual humans behind the project may be contacted for interviews or any other reason via producer/manager Peter Bernard (peter @ peterbernard . com 917-806-4037).





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