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"We aren't the only musicians on this album, but the occasional extra bassoon or clavichord player played under our direction, so that this is all ours.

"Each of us has some musical thing, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, from Williamsburg to the East Village, and when four people just go with their thing, what comes out is another thing. Don't ask 'what kind of other thing?', just listen. If we've only entertained one person today, then it was all worthwhile."



Produced by Those American Girls

Stereo 209418209418

All selections produced by

Those American Girls

under the direction of Peter Bernard
licensed & distributed

throughout the world by Soundrop


Recorded in the United States of America


© MMXVII Peter Bernard, New York, NY * Made in the USA

(L to R) Debbie American, Alicia American, Chibi American, Sophie American

Vocal Assistance: Amber Lee Connors, Colleen Grate, Madeline Starr, Ariel Petrie, Patricia Jauregui, Redd Horrocks

Guitar Assistance: Jeff Floro

Those American Girls
World's Most badass Cartoon Rocker Girl band



1. Yankee Doodle Girl

   (A Capella Mix)


ALICIA: The reason I like wrote this song was to express the deep depth of my patrioticalism yo!
CHIBI: You didn't write this song, it dates back to the Revolutionary War!
ALICIA: Exactly! And that's why it was such a perfect choice for me to sing!

Debbie American

Alicia American

2. (I Think It's Time We Sang a) New Song


Debbie: Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Chibi: Bass
Sophie: Drums
Alicia: Tambourine

DEBBIE: We hadn't sung a new song for a while, and Alicia said, "I think it's time we sang a new song," so I sat down and twenty minutes later I came back with this new song for us to sing called, "I Think It's Time We Sang a New Song" Hooray!
CHIBI: Don't forget to mention that this is our anti-war song.
DEBBIE: Oh right, this is our badass anti-war song yo!

3. I Like a Good Time

Debbie: Singing, Electric Guitar
Sophie: Rapping/Talking, Drums
Chibi: Bass
Alicia: Tambourine

SOPHIE: This is the true story of my epic early partying adventures. I'm not so careless any more. Now, when the room starts spinning, I limit myself to at most 3 more beers.
ALICIA: You are a true role model!
SOPHIE: I give my all for God and country.

4. Hey Hey Gotcha

Chibi: Shouting at space piggities, Bass
Alicia: Rapping/Talking, Tambourine
Debbie: Singing, Electric Guitar
Sophie: Drums

ALICIA: I wrote this song, then Chibi and Deb sabotized it or however you say that.
CHIBI: When we walk home from the PATH train in New Jersity City, we pass the space piggities painted on the wall & they taught Debbie this chorus Yatta!
DEBBIE: I luv that story, awww!!!

Chibi American

5. The SHOES Song

Alicia: Rapping/Talking, Tambourine
Debbie: Rapping/Talking, Electric Guitar
Patt: Additional Vocals
Chibi: Bass
Sophie: Drums

ALICIA: I wrote this song about the single most
important genius in the history of whatever yo!
And I think you know who I'm talking about--

6. Super HOT

Alicia: Rapping/Talking, Tambourine
Debbie: Programming
Chibi: Bass
Sophie: Drums

ALICIA: This is a song about a summer day-- hot, wet, long, and HARD!
DEBBIE: "Hard?" What's "hard" about a summer day, Lee?
ALICIA: Shutup Deb.
DEBBIE: Yes, Lee.

7. Fell In Luv With a Grrrl

Debbie: Singing, Electric Guitar
Sophie: Drums

ALICIA: It's so weird that in this song, you sing about falling in luv with a red head because I'm a red head! I mean, what are the chance of a coincidence like THAT?


8. Let It Be

Sophie: Vocals, Organ, Piano
Debbie: Keyboard, Bass
Chibi: Drums
Alicia: Tambourine

SOPHIE: I read that Paul McCartney co-wrote this song with the Blessed Virgin Mary, so I've always wanted t sing it. You don't get a chance to sing truly inspired words all that often.
This song is so beautiful, even programming in the keyboard parts made me feel like weeping yo awwww!
SOPHIE: This song is an honor to perform.
CHIBI: Plus it's fun to try to imitate Ringo on drums yo LOLEREST!!!

9. Can U Dig It?

Debbie: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Sophie: Percussion
Chibi: Percussion, Bass
Alicia: Additional Percussion

DEBBIE: Well, first I sang this because I wanted to sing a Micky Dolenz song, but then after I sang it, I found out this was a Peter Tork song, so I needed a different reason to have sung it, yo! So now the reason I sang this song was so that Peter Tork could know that not everyone in this band is a republican who voted for Trump like our co-managers, Patt and Polly! I want everyone to know that Chibi and I are Liberals! We ain't never not voted for NOBODY yo Hooray!

10. The Drama Song

Sophie: Vocals
Debbie: Programming

SOPHIE: I didn't write this song, Will Shakespeare did. I saw him on his hit TV show, "Will," and I thought he was quite handsome. I'm hoping that he hears that I covered his rhyme and I hope he likes it!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Sophie American

12. Debbie's Bernie Sanders Song

Debbie: Vocals, Programming, Guitar
Chibi: Bass
Sophie: Drums

ALICIA: Patt wouldn't let me play tambourine on this track because she doesn't like Sociamalism!
CHIBI: So that's why I didn't play on Patt's "Complaint" song, because I find the lyrics to that offensive!
DEBBIE: OMG This is EXACTLY what my Bernie song is ABOUT yo OMG!!!!

11. Vote For ME!

Alicia: Vocals, Tambourine
Debbie: Acoustic Guitar
Chibi: Bass
Sophie: Drums

ALICIA: I am currently runnering for Mayor of New York City against... some dude? I forget who, exactly? But I'm sure I've got the betterer ideas so please go to and do whatever it is that peeps do when they go to truly great politicational web sites Yay!

13. Patt Riot's Complaint!

Patt: Vocals
Alicia: Tambourine
Sophie: Programming

PATT RIOT: As a conservative lady and co-manager of Those American Girls, I get insulted cruelly and unnecessarily by people who then proceed to tell me that they are enlightened whilst I am all sorts of nasty things. This song is me little protest against peeps being rude to me and mine. Not for the faint of heart and For patriots ONLY!

Patt Riot

Polly American

14. The 2017 Song

Debbie: Vocals, Guitar
Alicia: Vocals, Tambourine
Patt: Vocals
Chibi: Vocals, Bass
Sophie: Vocals, Drums

POLLY AMERICAN: As manager of Those American Girls, I decided we needed to put out a song and make certain that everyone understood that it was a brand new song. So Debbie wrote something called, "The 2017 Song." God Bless her little brainless soul. This is one of my personal flavorite TAG tracks because every single one of us is on it!

(L-R) Chibi American, Patt Riot, Alicia American, Polly American (seated), Debbie American, Sophie American