Those American Girls


The Band

Alicia and Debbie American met in kindergarten and were soon so close, their fathers were referring to them as "The Sisters." Over the years, they attracted more sisters to their family: first ultra-cute Chibi Kawaii Dezuray, then opera-singing Sophie Soprana. Eventually they all changed their last names to American and formed Those American Girls, co-managed by Patt Riot and Polly American in the badass cartoon reality and by Peter Bernard in your boring humdrum human reality.

The Crew

Those American Girls are brought to life by a group of artists, writers, actresses, singers, musicians and coders. Supervised by creator Peter Bernard, here are the talents involved in the project.

Our Albums & EP's Yay!

14-Track album  mixing super-fun club dance, opera and rock sounds! Inspired by Dr. Bernardo Kastrup

The song Gerald Casale of DEVO asked us to sing b/w a DEVO cover not on the album !Yatta!


Featuring songs written by Dolly Parton, The Ramones, Bo Diddley, The Beastie Boys & more! With #BADASS Vocals by
Ariel Petrie, Colleen Grate, Amber Lee Connors, Madeline Starr,
Redd Horrocks, & Patricia Jauregui OMG!

Get all we do for only $3/month on bandcamp yo OMG!

Chibi's Cutest hits

Chibi's Best!
8 #Badass tracks only $3


Each of The Girls writes and performs her own song detailing the persecution of their people by Facebook.


Classic & modern Christmas tunes

 sung by  Ariel Petrie, Colleen Grate, Madeline Starr & more!

That's a Bit of Giggle

Patt Riot performs a novelty track inspired by a tweet from renowned British rck photographer Nick Elliott.


"I'd Cry If U Dyed"

NEWS, Interviews, Podcasts

Press releases, interviews, celebrity happenings, and band members running for office!


You can send #Badass cartoon rock star Alicia American an email by using the form below, or contact her and the band using social media Yay!

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Those American Girls
World's Most Badass Cartune Rocker Girl Band

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